Trusted i10’s Artificial Intelligence – NLP engine significantly reduces and eliminates the labor intensive and error prone tasks involved in Facility and Professional evaluation & management leveling through EMR embedded advanced technology

Within your EMR instance Trusted i10 offers knowledge-based AI – NLP platform, as custom HIM embedded solution, tailored to the unique needs of both Hospitals (Facility) and Professional (Provider), to significantly enhance their operations and standardize the complex manual processes of E&M leveling.  i10id ensures correct, defensible, complete E&M leveling for all documented services.

Benefits of i10id

  • Accelerate billing processes by compressing the coding and charge capture time
  • Capture all documented services to ensure correct, full reimbursement for services
  • Standardize the evaluation and management leveling and billing process to help ensure compliance
  • Embedded in your EMR – No need to learn new workflows or learn disparate systems
  • Automatically embeds an audit defense document (PDF) for each medical record 

Using advanced technology, i10id helps bring order, compliance and standardization to a subjective and difficult process. What can you expect from i10id?

  • Increased compliance 
  • Faster throughput for E&M level scoring 
  • Increased accuracy
  • More efficient use of HIM team 
  • Cost reductions 
  • Improved visibility into documentation and billing

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