Get your Evaluation & Management leveling in order by using TRUSTEDi10 platform embedded within athenahealth. The i10id proprietary cloud-based platform reads your medical record in real-time and automates the interpretation and assignment of the E&M level.

The i10id platform uses advanced Natural Language Processing (“NLP”) software and proprietary algorithms, seamlessly reads and interprets medical record’s unstructured text and quickly and efficiently identifies, validates, and translates the unstructured data into actionable information to appropriately score the E&M level and create an audit defense file for the medical record.

By utilizing our athenahealth embedded platform helps to ensure accurate documentation interpretation for services provided. The practice will realize;

  • Increase standardization and accuracy of E&M Level assignment.
  • Assurance that all services are captured, and that all revenue is captured and scored
  • Defensibility of revenue, the platform automatically creates an audit defense document for every case
  • i10id is compliant
  • i10id saves you time and resources

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