Trusted i10 has proven next generation technology that solves the issue created by modern electronic medical systems: medical record data overload. Through technology, we process copious amounts of free text data and turn it into actionable information. Having all the information in the world does no good if there is no way to cull actionable intelligence from it. Trusted i10 ensures concise, actionable information interpreted from the patient medical record.

Automate your medical chart audits –
increase productivity and increase accuracy

Our unique technology platform provides the ability to process large amounts of unstructured medical records information and identify potentially actionable information.

Trusted i10 matches ambulatory and outpatient claims data with corresponding medical records to validate billed services and ensure compliance with your contracts and reimbursable services criteria.
We provide highly customizable intelligence to auto-review claims based on your rules and regulations that are integrated with national guidelines with the output of Pass, Fail, or Sent on with notes to review for final disposition.

New Technology Analyzes Medical Records

  • Searches and analyzes EMRs, procedure notes, and claim submission forms simultaneously
  • Web-based cloud provides storage of all medical transactions, real-time coding, and regulation updates
  • Improves transaction efficiency as part of the workflow prior to claim submission
  • Provides detailed evaluation of medical records by comparing ALL relevant patient information, procedures and key facts to assist in determining appropriate and accurate coding

All-inclusive application provides consistent, uniform, and auditable reporting plus error flagging and trend analysis.

For your risk contracts, we utilize the same technology to also provide comparative scoring of Hierarchical Condition Categories (“HCCs”).  This unique, patented technology service automates the review of medical records and claims (837s) for diagnoses, capture, and scoring of HCCs.

  • Efficient, customizable, and continuous refinement of edits per findings, with built in feedback loop
  • Review of medical records to identify current and historical diagnosis information

By increasing coding accuracy, clinical decision support, and overall understanding of the entire patient encounter, Trusted i10 is the solution for expediting the transaction process.