Trusted i10 has proven next generation technology that solves the issue created by modern electronic medical systems: medical record data overload. Through technology, we process copious amounts of free text data and turn it into actionable information. Having all the information in the world does no good if there is no way to cull actionable intelligence from it. Trusted i10 ensures concise, actionable information interpreted from the patient medical record.

Too much data, not enough information.

Trusted i10 provides market-leading Natural Language Processing technology.

Our technology automatically reads unstructured data, Medical Records in any format from your EMR.

In either real-time or in a batch, Trusted i10 can identify and highlight within the medical record potential diagnosis codes (ICD-10), procedure codes, (CPT-4r) and HCPC codes. We then walk your team members through an Evaluation and Management assessment for appropriate defensible severity scoring.

Selected diagnosis, procedures and HCPCs are verified against national and local coding guidelines to insure compliance with regulations.

Evaluation and Management scoring reasoning is highlighted and captured for audit defense.

A summary sheet with E-signature for your provider team.

Denials are uploaded and future similar cases are flagged for additional review to prevent denial recurrence.

Our unique technology provides for:

  • Fast Medical Record services review augmenting your medical records team
  • 837 and Abstracted Medical Records review capability
  • Automated Medical Records Review (Natural Language Processing)
  • CDI Query guidance
  • A learning system which is continuously updated
  • Education options per findings

Our process provides the following benefits:

  • Increased medical record review accuracy
  • Increased medical review throughput
  • Audit defense built in
  • Quick and comprehensive Evaluation and Management assignment
  • Defensible medical records review

Our goal is accurate, compliant, fully supported documentation to ensure proper reimbursement for services.  
We provide full feedback and reporting: Reports are produced to monitor trends and opportunities.
You will be made aware of patterns and trends in coding or administrative errors to take corrective action preempting future similar errors

The system is continuously updated to add in new edits/screens as opportunities are discovered or arises (new OIG targets; systematic documentation opportunity; ICD-10 updates; client requested focused reviews; etc.).